2018-12-14 02:43:25
I ordered here because they carry Kalpa brand so I gave them a shot and they did not disappoint at all. I was very pleased with the results of my last cycle and the quality of the oils

The support team has this locked down, they respondwd fast when we had a hiccup and fixed everything in a timely poilte manner and made the entire process move easily which I am very thank ful for as custy service is important and many sourves ibe dealt with have forgotten this but are good people

Delivered within the estimated ta

No delays

No damage

Very well protected

Padded well enough


Eq test mast and tren

I ran 1ml of each every monday amd Thursday for 4 months (im trt) and can say that this is my go to stack and I know it inside and out but the results from this cycle were unreal

I follwed a keto diet for this run and trained 4days a week

Tren had me shreded by months 2 insane sweats and raw strength

Eq had me wating 4000cals no prob and made me veiny as hell

Mast is my fav and kept the libido intact on tren andd kept me dry

Test was smooth and clear and provided good gains and water in muscles at just 500mgs week

All in all I recomped 25lbs gained and 10lbs fat lost while gaining shit tons of strength even though I traimed for volume

Best conditioning of my life and I highly recommed this brand and supplier

2018-12-13 05:57:42
Very good range of products and reasonably priced. Bitcoin Payment which is much more reassuring

Order product, transfer funds, receive items. Couldn't be easier

You couldn't tell what was inside, that's the most important thing

I ordered 4 x Kalpa Test Prop and 7Lab Clomid

Was running Thyroxine I bought OTC whilst abroad, so was on low cals so running a relatively low dose to maintain as much mass as possible as Thyroxine can be quite destructive if ran with no AS.

6 Weeks at 175mm EOD.

No pip, no acne,no gynae, minimal water. Did notice change in body composition even on low cals.

Got some acne on my upper chest and neck when I started the Clomid, this cleared after 2 weeks.

I dont like EOD meds because of the frequent jabs. However the oil was very thin and moved easily through a blue.

I would run this again but would probably add some NPP to the mix and shorten the cycle as to minimize the EOD shots

Just ordered my winter cycle which arrived fine, will post a review when completed

2018-12-13 05:33:51
Quality of items are excellent My cat has been using anavar and testE for last 5 days, I must say the pumps from the anavar are insane and as for the testE vary smooth Pin. Communication was good and Also got free samples, Exceptionally excellent packaging, Notably quick dispatch

Thanks 1Steroids!

2018-12-13 05:16:54
Fantastic service, ive been burned many times before on the Internet so i was a little apprehensive about ordering online again but im REALLY glad i did now.

Communication is very fast and easy to deal with, any questions you have are dealt with sharpish.

Packaging was very discreet and safe, I received my gear the very next week after ordering. Couldn't be happier.

Testoxyl Enanthate Kalpa 250mg.

I've seen some good fakes in my time but as soon as i had these vials in my hand i knew they were legit. I was once prescribed Testoxyl after having a pituitary tumor and those i was prescribed were just like those i received from The vials are pre scored which in most cases is the norm for pharma quality. After cracking open a vial the very distinct smell of enanthate instantly hit me. It was exactly the same smell that good old BD smelled of back in the day. There was some post injection soreness but this was the case with the Testoxyl i was prescribed also, after all if you're injecting real enanthate you should feel something, even from 250mg. The night of my first injection i felt the classic "test flu" which again was the case with the Testoxyl i was prescribed a couple years back, this went the day after though but to be honest it was very welcome sign. The usual effects followed....Huge increase in libido (even having half a semi on for most of the day) strength increased on all my lifts, appetite through the roof and clear obvious gains within the first week. Even from the first week i felt fuller and harder round the clock all day.

A FANTASTIC supplier, i can assure you that are the best of the best.

2018-12-12 08:04:34
9th order with roidsmall all spot on quick easy with some gr8 discounts these guys r the best for all your needs.

Quick to answer any questions with recommendations if required even late at night sometimes realy helpful

Never had a broken anything very discreet packing all padded & bubble raped perfect

Ime on test all year round & ive done the Tren for 5 months with a dbol kick & ended with Anavar & tbol all good quality kalpa a bit stronger than the 7Lab but all still very good I've gone up 20 kg on my bench & put on 15kg of lean muscle the pumps are outrageous the fealing of well being is gr8 no real pip from the pins if warmed before pinning ( pined every 3days) would recommend both Kalpa & 7Lab but my bias would be kalpa enjoy

Number 1 supplier in my opinion trust them 100%

2018-12-12 07:55:31
I'm currently on a cutting cycle, using Kalpa Test E (even on a cut I always run a long estered test as a base), Test P, primo and winstrol tabs.I have been on these products for over a month and Have started to see some fantastic results

The test E probably is just about to kick in, but the other products have had their time and all I can say is wow. I went into this cycle with the intent of cutting from 205 12% bf down to 185. I'm already below 185 and it's just been over a month: Combined with carb cycling as a diet the fat has melted off AND my strength has remained relatively the same (Even gone up in the case of the deadlift). The vascularity is crazy; I've got veins coming out in my lower/mid abs, chest and quads. I feel amazing and my confidence is through the roof for once. Having used Kalpas products in the past I knew what to expect, but this time they worked phenomenally.

2018-12-11 05:26:09
Used this source countless times now without any issues

Always first class by email or tickets. Always answers within a short time, sometimes in mins. Plus I messed up this order and he sorted it out. Great guy

Been using for about 5 weeks carrying on from other Deca Test. Changed dose from 900mg Test 600 Deca weekly to 1g Test Deca at 800mg but also dropping Anadrol at 100mg a day and Tren E was running at 500mg. Expected to see drop in strength. 3 weeks agoish added dbol at 50mg a day and bodyweight up 4lbs, not water weight I don't think as had Anadrol before! Incline press gone from 150kg to 170kg and deadlift back up to 260kg from 240 so making good gains despite being on meds which make me drowsy. Enjoying the gym again, although since dropping Anadrol my bloody shoulder ache has returned so may be adding that back in at some point.

came out in teenager spots which was fun, no pip at all on this gear and was using well known quality gear before so very pleased to be making any gains at all after a stressful period.

I don't usually use nolvadex. It's lowers total cholesterol and while I know statins are the best way to do that, I would go through process of going doctor but as the whole family has been bombarding him recently (several issues, including loss of 4 close family members in 8 months), I'm going to give him a break for a bit, plus he'll advise to come off all gear and low Test when things are shit is not a good thing in my experience. The internet is filled with links to that info.

Excellent source. Couldn't be more helpful. Should be WAY up the board

2018-12-11 05:01:00
I have used this site on multiple occasions and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Once I placed my order, the instructions via email were straightforward and easy to follow. Received shipping details when dispatched.

Packaging was very discrete, not at all obvious to its contents, vials bubble wrapped for extra protection.

Started cycle with the winstrol, started noticing the effects by week 2, good strength and some size gains, eq/test e 2ml twice a week without any PIP very smooth, strength and size is still going up (managed my PB on bench) gained around 20lb from this cycle. Very pleased.

I have used them before and I will be using them again, communication spot on, reply to any emails you send. Can't fault there service at all.

2018-12-04 07:37:04
Top Class Source with great customer service.

Kalpa Tren E

7Lab Sus 250

Used for 2 weeks now all in full effect. Strong! Full! n Vascular! Oils are smooth

PIP is next too none

Packaging is Very Professional Every thing you ask for is in this Brand !

2018-12-04 07:27:16
My review for my purchase of kalpatropin hgh

Ive seen many positive reviews and bloods so pulled the trigger on 2 kits and couldn't be happier.

Good replies fast and was helpful with donation

Packed very well no damage and arrived in 1week no issues

I was using an anti ageing dose just 3iu a day and after 4 weeks I decided to pull both hgh serum and igf bloods to confirm what I already knew. Serum was 21ng/ml and igf came back at 350 with a baseline of 125

I use hgh for anti aging not bodybuilding.

At just 3iu a day I get great fat loss without further diet or cardio and my recovery time has cut in half. My muscles look fuller harder and more vascular. My hair skin and nails also appear to be growing faster and my mood has improved as well and I can actually sleep the whole night even when on tren.

Would def buy again.

2018-11-28 04:58:30
BUYSTEROIDS.WS is by far the best supplier with the best products that I've found. Kalpa's products are the deciding factor for me. I am losing my water weight, gaining muscle mass and over all body strength. This was my first order and there will be many more from them. They have great customer service (through email) and a reliable source to get the products that I prefer. Thank you for great customer satisfaction.

Sustaxyl, test c 250, and test e 250 X2.

These injections are by far the best in quality that I've ever used. No other injection can give me the lean muscle strength I have been aiming for like' products can. I would highly recommend them to any of my body building friends.

2018-11-26 02:40:18
Got all of my gear then some. This is a great guy to deal with. Even with minor hickups he will do you right. I got damn near doubled of what I paid for just because of some minor hickups. Gear looks great no chance to try just yet. From everything I have seen around the quality will not be an issue. Unless you got Bucks to spend on Pharma grade. This place gets my vote. All emails are replied to very fast and they seem very personable. This place gets a 5 + from me.