2019-01-16 08:19:51
made several orders from BSW and never failed to receive my goods. was slightly concerned this time about the recent reviews, but needn't have been. I made my order for just over $100 so if there was any problem i wouldnt lose a massive amount of money. however the service i received was flawless.

All emails were replied to within a couple of hours. communication was excellent. Even emailed a tracker after item was posted. For a small order thats good service.

generic viagra,

Used this product before and can confirm its fine.

I know a couple of people seem to have had a few probs, but my own personal experience has been great. would highly recommend these guys, thanks.

2019-01-10 06:54:59
Communication is the best I have ever had using an overseas supplier let alone any supplier on this board or ever.. I am not fucking around when I say this either.. Communication is better than Amazon customer support, you feel me? Lol

T/A was as expected.. 12 days to my door, which is fantastic.. I was very eager to receive this package so it felt much longer! Packaging is top of the line, as expected when dealing with human grade products.

2018-12-27 08:00:18
I ordered Dragon Pharma 50mg Anavar about 6 months ago but after receiving giveaway email and with my next test prop cycle on the horizon I thought I'd finally write my review. I took 100mg Var ED for 7 weeks starting at a dose of 100mg from day 1. Great strength gains really quickly. Compound lifts went up by about 10-25kg each while on cycle. Vascularity was greatly increased and the pumps, God they where intense! I loved every minute on this cycle as it was obviously some top quality Var. Even through PCT with pharmaceutical grade Nolvadex from 1Steroids I felt great, didn't feel like coming off cycle at all. Overall I would recommend this Var and this source to anybody and everybody. Planning on running Test Prop + Tren Acetate for next cycle and from my last I can't see any other supplier getting my money. Overall A* source. Can't praise enough!

2018-12-27 06:46:36
This is my second review of All positive so far. They are great to deal with. All communication has been great. Emails replied to quickly.

These guys are legit and great to work with. I trust these guys.

Package well done.

Kalpatropin 20iu

180iu Geriostim

Only have used the Kalaptropin so far. I used the Kalaptropin for several weeks at 2iu for a week and 3iu for the remainder of the Kalaptropin. I got labs on the last day of my Kalaptropin. My IGF-1 was 175 before I started the HGH. My last lab IGF-1 was 434 using the Kalaptropin. This is pharma grade! It's working great. Having sides on 2 and 3iu. I am looking forward continuing with the Geriostim. ROIDSPHARM is the real deal!

I have ordered from other sites in the past and all the HGH was crap along with the customer service. These guys do a great job all around. I would recommend them! I will be ordering more very soon.

2018-12-27 05:19:03
this review is for the promo gear i very kindly got from that is tren ace and anadrol.

he was and still is a very busy guy, so i was not expecting a 10 minute reply..

so yes very good communication and kept me up to date with my promo offer.

packaged very well and discreet.

1x tren ace

1x anadrol 50mg 50 tabs

tren ace was very potent stuff, night sweats, made me very irratible and aggresive.

strength went up, got leaner and the stuff. using 300mg a week anadrol..seems to be doing the job, put on a good amount of size, and strength for sure!

keeps me pumped all day, i love it! 100mg ED

overall very happy with products! and communication, was a very good promo by BT

thank you once again for letting me take part.

2018-12-25 07:16:22
Overdue review for his 20iu kalpatropins.

Couldn't be better as always, I get a response instantly.

This last order took about 2 weeks, it's been a while now but it was quick, I would remember if the t/a was long.

This source made it affordable to run gh at a decent dose. Hidden gem on Ordered a few more a couple days ago that should be here soon. All around great source to deal with. The only one I will use for brands like kalpa and thaiger. It would be stupid to go elsewhere when no one comes close to his prices or customer service. I've probably said it before but he's got a customer for life.

2018-12-25 07:07:51
Where do I start this business is amazing customer service is outstanding this is the third order and all 3 have made it without a problem to OZ so there doing something right, first getting the goods to the destination is not easy unless they put allot of time and effort into it and the guys do they take every precaution they can and Trust me they do. So I don't vouch for many people but for these guy's I do just give them a go u won't be sorry.

Communication is AAA grade they help in every possible way they can and they always get back to u in 3 to 4 hours unless if there sleeping but first chance they get they contact u and they stay in touch to make your purchase run smoothly from start to finish.

Amazing Stealth all I can say is make a purchase and you'll see for yourself.

7Lab sustanon 250

Kalpa Nandroxyl 250


The sustanon is the Best u can get I'm sure everyone that is into bodybuilding will say the same and the Deca is dynamite very good solid gains what else can u expect from pharmaceutical grade steroids great solid gains that says it all.

Apcalis is very good cialis boners for 40 hours do I need to say more.

Plus 1 of my mates put in a order for Sustanon Deca and Dianabol and it was a big order I was a bit worried but it got to him without a problem.

2018-12-24 03:46:35
I received 1 10ml vial of 7lab sustalab-250, was very nice to work with no doubt a great scr.

Didn't need much communication, they let me know my gear was sent and that was about it but

T/A was great 3-5 days and it was packed great.

I ran the sust at 250mg every 10-14 days for trt, this gear was great very clear oil and had no pip at all, couldn't really tell that I pinned, I used this dose for 8 weeks and my gains still continued and strength went up some as well, I had lots of energy and libido was threw the roof I cant wait to run a full cycle of all 7lab gear. is a great scr with top of the line gear, I will be ordering more 7lab products in the future for sure, thank you for letting me in on your promo I really appreciate your generosity.

2018-12-24 03:33:15
Very fast delivery no damaged stuff very discreet too




There for missis


Test 400

The review is for the t3. Clen and Anavar

Fantastic working as better than expected she's super happy with the results which keep me happy too.

I'll review do the test n deca next week when used for a while

Couldn't be happier with the products or the service is offering 110% top bloke, couldn't be happier thank you

2018-12-21 06:47:44
Order arrived quickly, packaged well. Regretfully missed out on their sale but I wouldn't hesitate to order again, would certainly stock up if they ran another promo.

Good communication, updates at every stage of the ordering process.

2018-12-21 06:37:44
I ordered some arimidex and it worked well and I received it very quickly. I'll definitely be getting more products from them.

Very quick reply to my emails.

Discreet packaging.

I've been taking trt doses of testosterone and I've been taking adex as well and it worked well. I'll be buying more definitely.

2018-12-21 06:32:32
i needed some more tren(the girlfriend commited a act that would make baby jesus cry) some dbol and some needles

packed excellently

kalpa tren a

7lab dbol

needles are spot on,i wont be using the tren untill the end of my cycle and ive been using 7labs dbol and had good gains so far so went with same again

spot on cant fault anything about this man