2019-02-19 09:44:19
Finishing up a cycle now where last 10 wks I'm on Kalpa's Tren A, Test P, Mast P, and Anavar. There Tren A is fire and with there Anavar the pumps are so tight it feels like my skin could tear.

2019-02-19 08:06:22
balkan adex .25mg

none needed but they emailed me several times with updates about my order

fast for overseas 14 days

balkan adex, tren a 75, balkan primobolan

i am currently using the adex and it is great! i convert to estro rapidly and the balkan adex has eliminated this issue. i am currently running test e 250 @ 500mg/wk and am dosing the adex @ .25 eod and i have not had one estro side.... no water weight, no bacne, and no emotional mood swings. until now balkan aromasin was my favorite AI, but i would have ups and downs emotionally, and my shoulders and back would break out bad if i ran test higher than 250/wk, and also i would hold water around my hips .....NONE OF THIS WITH THE ADEX.....I LOVE IT AND WILL PROBABLY USE THIS AS MY GO TO AI FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE


2019-02-14 05:36:33
I ordered test prop , npp, test cypionate . i received in 10 days ,

The package was well good sealed , the vials look really good. i recommend ordered from roidspharm, and I order more ...

the product is high Quality and i And I am very pleased at the quality level ,

I made a test prop injection and indeed feel the driving test in two days!!! Fuck I'm horny all day!!! It's just great!

2019-02-14 05:29:26
I placed my first (but not last) order with near the end of December after reading a lot of great reviews about their product and service. They were not wrong, I was glad I gave them a shot. I will continue using this source.

They worked with me after a mishap only end and were completely professional about the whole thing. All emails were answered within a few hours of me posting.

After my screw up was fixed it didn't take long at all, around a week.

Test A 100

Test E 250

Tren A 100

I've been using the test for almost a month now and it is every bit as good ad the test I get from my doctor (on TRT) at half the cost. The Tren was freakin amazing, unfortunately I only purchased 1 to try it out. Strength and drive jumped through the roof. The down side is you definitely develope a short fuse with with people. Which is ok as long as you keep your self in check.

Awesome products at great prices, definately a go to source.

2019-02-14 05:01:55
I have ordered from 1STEROIDS.NET for several years, and they are excellent suppliers of anabolic steroids. Prices are very reasonable and service is excellent. They are also very prompt about sending out orders, and I have always received my orders within two weeks.

If you have any questions, ask. They also have alternative payment methods for those who dislike WU.

I love their packaging. Very secure and nondescript, and all items are packed firmly to prevent damage.

This order was:

Trenbolone Enanthate



2019-02-13 10:29:10
Review for an order placed 9 months ago.

Email communication was smooth and effortless.

Order was placed and in three weeks product was in hand.

Kalpa DbOl is always amazing, gained 18lbs in 3 weeks and strength increased like a beast.

You can never go wrong with Kalpa and the quality and turn around can't be beat. I'd definitely recommend these products and source.

2019-02-13 10:11:23
letro and clomid

perfect.....just like the last time.

I highly recommend Roidsmall...very professional and very easy to deal with...t/a and customer service was awesome!!! Will definetly order again and again!!

2019-02-08 07:43:47
Second order from and there will be a third.

Package was well wrapped and product was intact

Testoxyl E/C and Masteroxyl 200

Used them for 12 weeks and made nice gains

Good supplier good products

2019-02-08 05:31:41
This review is long overdue. I have ordered from Rx-roids a bunch of times now, all my boys are hooked. This guy is a real business man. Ordering is easy, my packs have all been in his TA and he has answered all questions I have had in a timely manner. Not to mention his tren is by far the best I have ever done. Dbol is strong and every type of test I have tried has been on point! Love kalpas prop! Honestly I have tried alot of Kalpa's products and love them all. Loyal customer here.

2019-02-08 05:29:27
My boy Goanabolics is top notch, always a smooth transaction. I've ordered 3X with Goanabolics and never a problem. I have yet to try his 7Lab products, however his Kalpa line is top notch and always filled to the rubber stopper! Kalpa's orals are some of the best I've come across! Thanks Goanabolics and I'll most certainly be placing another order when your GH comes back in stock. Dying to test out the Kalpa's!

2019-02-01 07:04:24
Recieved kalpa cyp and prop also oral proviron. customer service and t/a were great, even during promo time and even more so when it wasn't!!

Packaging was one of tthe most professional I've seen, ta was 6 business days from order to my door, even with mistakes on my end.

I won't comment on the cyp cause it hasn't been long enough nor prop cause i just started that. can only say definetly no pip. I have been using the proviron for a month and it is excellent. tastes great, as effective as pharma and ill be ordering more. there is no way to ignore the libido spike, ir the excelkent feeeling if well being that folllows me ariund. i can also feel a hardening in my muscles.

Goanabolics is on poinrt, order with confidence

2019-02-01 07:02:03
Tren A , Mast P and Prami. is a go to source for quality product and fast TA. He made sure I got taken care of quickly also. I for one will be a lifetime customer.Tren worked fast strength and aggression went through the roof.

Been using all products for 4wks and I am stronger dryer and hard as a rock. Tren raised my aggression in the gym like crazy. I am at 100mg Tren a eod along with 100 Mast P eod.