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2018-12-13 05:33:51
Quality of items are excellent My cat has been using anavar and testE for last 5 days, I must say the pumps from the anavar are insane and as for the testE vary smooth Pin. Communication was good and Also got free samples, Exceptionally excellent packaging, Notably quick dispatch

Thanks 1Steroids!

2017-05-17 06:20:34
Great quality source, fast delivery and good products.
im from uk Placed order online, sent payment, received shipping confirmation and tracking code following day! just going to do my 2nd order thank you so much
All arrived in perfect condition. im so happy

2016-12-17 19:20:24
Still waiting. Killer prices....maybe too good?? Can't get a response either

2015-10-17 15:44:57
Best store I ever dealt with. They provide fast delivery and they really go out of their way to answer any questions you may have. I dealt with other stores in the past and never received my order on the first shipment. They ended up reshipping. These guys are great all around. I give them an A+. I look forward to doing future business.

2014-09-16 05:38:21
I am so glad I found your site. Just from what I've seen from the pricelist I'm highly impressed. I can't wait to become a permanent member, if you guys are as legit as you sound....then you must have a large clientel. Your steroid shop is awesome...

2013-03-07 13:01:29
I have placed several orders from 1Steroids.net and each time the order was shipped in a timely manner and the products I received were legit. The customer service was able to answer any questions I had and the packaging was always discreet. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a online source.

Customer, C.M. Houston, TX