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  • The Altus Method to Migration
    Tuesday 26th of September 2017 10:47:39 AM
    If you find yourself in the position to have to figure out how to relocate your production data center,  perform a workload migration, migrate a DR data center or to otherwise migrate or merge two or more data centers,  you… Read more ›...
  • What does “Altus” mean?
    Tuesday 21st of February 2017 08:19:16 PM
    “Altus” is a Latin word which means “high, tall or deep”. Altus Technologies then means “High Tech”. We have technical IT architects with deep knowledge and project managers who will stand tall along side our cus...
  • Speaking the Language of Migrations
    Saturday 23rd of July 2016 11:45:03 AM
    In our years of working with customers while executing Data Center Migrations and Data Center Relocations as well as mergers and acquisitions,  we have discovered that when a project team does not say what they mean (and then mean what they say!)&...
  • What is the ‘Altus Method’ for Data Center Migrations
    Wednesday 20th of April 2016 10:52:10 AM
    The Backstory Over 16 years ago,  a company in Ohio that developed the worlds largest chemical database was struggling to untangle a very densely populated data center that was out of space, power and cooling.   They knew they needed to… Re...
  • Why Disaster Recovery Tests Should Be Conducted Regularly for IT Continuity
    Tuesday 29th of March 2016 08:00:49 AM
    As an information technology consulting firm, we’re sometimes surprised when our clients ask us about the value and necessity of disaster recovery tests for their IT systems and networks. After all, schools hold fire and tornado drills, acting comp...