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2018-12-11 05:01:00
I have used this site on multiple occasions and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Once I placed my order, the instructions via email were straightforward and easy to follow. Received shipping details when dispatched.

Packaging was very discrete, not at all obvious to its contents, vials bubble wrapped for extra protection.

Started cycle with the winstrol, started noticing the effects by week 2, good strength and some size gains, eq/test e 2ml twice a week without any PIP very smooth, strength and size is still going up (managed my PB on bench) gained around 20lb from this cycle. Very pleased.

I have used them before and I will be using them again, communication spot on, reply to any emails you send. Can't fault there service at all.

2018-12-04 07:37:04
Top Class Source with great customer service.

Kalpa Tren E

7Lab Sus 250

Used for 2 weeks now all in full effect. Strong! Full! n Vascular! Oils are smooth

PIP is next too none

Packaging is Very Professional Every thing you ask for is in this Brand !

2017-12-02 10:17:35
I have used a large variety of products and none compare to the overall progress I have obtained with your company. I personally feel great and to make this even better, I am constantly getting complimented by my peers as well as non gym types!

Ray T.

2015-11-03 05:51:25
I was unsure whether or not to buy my steroids form this website as I’ve been scammed a number of times before. However you have nothing to worry about with these guys, received all my goods within a few weeks, discreet packing & all genuine gear!

This will be my 2nd cycle with these guys!

Recommend website to my friend's at the gym!!!

Jason West, Kent.

2015-10-17 15:47:01

This site is awesome! Great service and product. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone.

2015-10-17 15:46:03
honestly must say the best service i have ever witnessed. i ordered thinking it was going to take weeks or even if it was going to come but still i check my mail just in case and 5 days in my order is here. great service by answering my questions all around great company look to do bussiness with them for a while

thanks for the great service

2015-06-09 07:45:10
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