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2018-12-12 08:04:34
9th order with roidsmall all spot on quick easy with some gr8 discounts these guys r the best for all your needs.

Quick to answer any questions with recommendations if required even late at night sometimes realy helpful

Never had a broken anything very discreet packing all padded & bubble raped perfect

Ime on test all year round & ive done the Tren for 5 months with a dbol kick & ended with Anavar & tbol all good quality kalpa a bit stronger than the 7Lab but all still very good I've gone up 20 kg on my bench & put on 15kg of lean muscle the pumps are outrageous the fealing of well being is gr8 no real pip from the pins if warmed before pinning ( pined every 3days) would recommend both Kalpa & 7Lab but my bias would be kalpa enjoy

Number 1 supplier in my opinion trust them 100%

2014-09-26 07:27:41
After my source disappeared, I didn't know what to do. You gave me the resources I needed, I'm competing again.


2014-05-27 08:51:09
I have tried many prohormone supplements over the past few years and none have worked as well as HGH Gen-Shi! I could literally feel the difference.