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2019-02-13 10:11:23
letro and clomid

perfect.....just like the last time.

I highly recommend Roidsmall...very professional and very easy to deal with...t/a and customer service was awesome!!! Will definetly order again and again!!

2019-01-30 03:42:36
This was a second order for me i ordered about 6 test-e Kalpa last summer and it was not even a question after the first order. The whole experience was what I would expect it to be.

My experience with Roidsmall has relieved any stress or worry I have about these transactions.

The packaging was simple yet effective. I received all with no problem.

As for the quality, I am not a connoisseur but I know the changes in my body are exactly what I want so it it Test. I started with a cycle dose at 400mg a week, now I use a therapeutic dose of 120 a week and at 45 I feel better than when I was 24.

2019-01-23 04:28:17
I've ordered from ROIDSMALL time & ALWAYS impressed with fast delivery and excellent quality products.

Excellent communication. Never had any problems, no need to ask for support service.

Very discrete packaging. Vials boxed, vacum sealed, tabs well padded

SUPERTEST-450. TESTOXYL ENANTHATE 10ml 250mg/ml. MASTEROXYL-E200 10ml 200mg/ml. MASTEROXYL-P 10ml 100mg/ml. STANOXYL 50, 50mg/tab. Letrozole Tablets USP 2.5mg (FEMPRO).

SUPERTEST-450 is the BOMB! Very effective, little bit of PIP but I'm susceptible to that. Ran it at about 900mg per week with 50 mg per day of STANOXYL 50 thru all of March. First two weeks or so of April I upped the STANO to 100 mg per day for about 10-12 days in early April then dropped it back down to 50 mg per day for the rest of the cycle which I ended on May 15. Pumps and vascularity were insane with excellent strength gain which if rather surprising since I'm a 53 YO who has been training regularly for 40 years, I thought my maximum potential had already been reached.Currently doing PCT with products from another source and planning my next cycle to be SUPERTEST and MASTEROXYL PROPIONATE, I'll post results when I have them.

TESTOXYL ENANTHATE 10ml 250mg/ml that I ordered was for a friend who just wanted it for TRT purposes. Can't comment on it's effectiveness from my personal experience, but he claims it was VERY helpful. I'll definitely continue using ROIDSMALL and recommend it to the friends that I discuss such issues with.

2018-12-19 05:58:02
Excellent company. Customer Service is concise, polite, and quick to respond. Ordering process is easy and instructions are explained clearly. Received order faster than expected in discreet well packaged envelope. Required that I sign for the package which ensures I get the product. Ordered cytomel, synthroid, and a t3/t4 combo. All items were the real thing. I take them for a thyroid condition and I'm tired of fighting for the right dosage here in the US. They work wonders for weight loss, fat loss, and overall better physical functioning (mental clarity, long hair, glowing skin). I recommend this company 100%

2018-12-12 08:04:34
9th order with roidsmall all spot on quick easy with some gr8 discounts these guys r the best for all your needs.

Quick to answer any questions with recommendations if required even late at night sometimes realy helpful

Never had a broken anything very discreet packing all padded & bubble raped perfect

Ime on test all year round & ive done the Tren for 5 months with a dbol kick & ended with Anavar & tbol all good quality kalpa a bit stronger than the 7Lab but all still very good I've gone up 20 kg on my bench & put on 15kg of lean muscle the pumps are outrageous the fealing of well being is gr8 no real pip from the pins if warmed before pinning ( pined every 3days) would recommend both Kalpa & 7Lab but my bias would be kalpa enjoy

Number 1 supplier in my opinion trust them 100%

2014-09-26 07:27:41
After my source disappeared, I didn't know what to do. You gave me the resources I needed, I'm competing again.


2014-05-27 08:51:09
I have tried many prohormone supplements over the past few years and none have worked as well as HGH Gen-Shi! I could literally feel the difference.