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2019-02-14 05:36:33
I ordered test prop , npp, test cypionate . i received in 10 days ,

The package was well good sealed , the vials look really good. i recommend ordered from roidspharm, and I order more ...

the product is high Quality and i And I am very pleased at the quality level ,

I made a test prop injection and indeed feel the driving test in two days!!! Fuck I'm horny all day!!! It's just great!

2019-01-24 03:04:33
This review is more so to pay respect to an awesome source and a real stand up dude.

2018-12-27 06:46:36
This is my second review of ROIDSPHARM.net All positive so far. They are great to deal with. All communication has been great. Emails replied to quickly.

These guys are legit and great to work with. I trust these guys.

Package well done.

Kalpatropin 20iu

180iu Geriostim

Only have used the Kalaptropin so far. I used the Kalaptropin for several weeks at 2iu for a week and 3iu for the remainder of the Kalaptropin. I got labs on the last day of my Kalaptropin. My IGF-1 was 175 before I started the HGH. My last lab IGF-1 was 434 using the Kalaptropin. This is pharma grade! It's working great. Having sides on 2 and 3iu. I am looking forward continuing with the Geriostim. ROIDSPHARM is the real deal!

I have ordered from other sites in the past and all the HGH was crap along with the customer service. These guys do a great job all around. I would recommend them! I will be ordering more very soon.

2018-12-20 10:02:10
Ordered afew times from here and will order again!

great communication, contact you back in afew hours tops and if ordered late evening first thing the next day.

packing blank ,and received the next week on one order ,latest was 2 weeks.

2018-12-13 05:57:42
Very good range of products and reasonably priced. Bitcoin Payment which is much more reassuring

Order product, transfer funds, receive items. Couldn't be easier

You couldn't tell what was inside, that's the most important thing

I ordered 4 x Kalpa Test Prop and 7Lab Clomid

Was running Thyroxine I bought OTC whilst abroad, so was on low cals so running a relatively low dose to maintain as much mass as possible as Thyroxine can be quite destructive if ran with no AS.

6 Weeks at 175mm EOD.

No pip, no acne,no gynae, minimal water. Did notice change in body composition even on low cals.

Got some acne on my upper chest and neck when I started the Clomid, this cleared after 2 weeks.

I dont like EOD meds because of the frequent jabs. However the oil was very thin and moved easily through a blue.

I would run this again but would probably add some NPP to the mix and shorten the cycle as to minimize the EOD shots

Just ordered my winter cycle which arrived fine, will post a review when completed

2017-12-02 10:21:03
I just wanted to give you an update on my pro stack. It's been less than 2 weeks since I started and I can feel it working already! My workouts are super intense and where I used to drag toward the end, I am now able to push it strong through every last set! I've never felt anything like this. I can't wait to see my results at the end of this cycle!

-Glen U.